Wedding at Stoke Place in Slough

The Stoke Place Slough wedding of Laura and Karl was full of fun and sweet moments, with matching bridesmaids robes, a magician and light up letters.  Let me share their day with you!

Stoke Place Slough - home of Weddings at Stoke, Stoke Place Hotel in Buckinghamshire.

Laura chose to get ready with all her bridesmaids, wearing matching floral robes – such a colourful choice. Her gorgeous lace dress is by Wed2B and hair by Bridal Hair Design.

Wedding details including a bride's gown, shoes and ring at Stoke Place Slough, Buckinghamshire. Bridesmaids getting ready in matching robes at Stoke Place Slough.

Here’s florist Rebecca Marsala arriving with the bouquets – you can always rely on Rebecca to create stunning florals that work perfectly with the bride’s gown and other details of the day.

Florist Rebecca Marsala arrives with the bridemaids' bouquets and bridal bouquet for Laura's wedding at Stoke Place Slough. A white summer bouquet by florist Rebecca Marsala at Buckinghamshire wedding venue Stoke Place Slough.

Laura slips on her dress and after some finishing touches from make-up artist Chloe Eleanor, she’s ready.

Bride Laura gets into her Wed2B white lace wedding gown at Stoke Place Slough. Her bridesmaids are wearing blue, lace and pleated dresses. A bridal portrait of Laura on the morning of her wedding at Stoke Place Slough.

Once Laura was ready, it was time for a few moments – and photos – with her parents.

The bride and her mother pose for portraits on the morning of Laura's wedding. They're at Queen Anne Mansion Stoke Place in Slough, Bucks. Father of the bride sees his daughter ads a bride in a white veil for the first time. A bridesmaid holds a summer wedding bouquet by Buckinghamshire florist Rebecca Marsala.

Let’s not forget Karl and his chaps, getting ready elsewhere at Stoke Place. Verrrrrry, smart!

Groom Karl gets ready for his wedding to Laura at Stoke Place Slough. The groom, his best man and groomsmen dressed in suits and bow ties pose for photos outside Stoke Place Slough. Bridesmaids descend the Stoke Place Slough staircase for the wedding of Laura and Karl. Bride Laura and her father lead the bridesmaids toward Stoke Place Slough for her wedding to Karl.

Here comes Laura and her father Darren, complete with all her ‘maids. Are you ready Karl?

Colour photo of bride Laura and her father leading the bridesmaids in blue to Stoke Place Slough for the wedding ceremony.



Wedding detaStoke Place Slough including custom seat reservations tied with a blue ribbon. Groom Karl waits for his bride in their marriage ceremony at Stoke Place Slough. Bride Laura arrives on her father's arm for her marriage to Karl at Stoke Place Slough. The bride and groom exchange vows before a member of the wedding party gives a reading.

Father Darren gives Laura’s hand in marriage to Karl. Everyone seems pretty pleased with the arrangement.

The father of the bride gives his daughter's hand in marriage during a wedding ceremony.

Their best man not only has the rings, but gets them the right way round and in the presentation box – good job!

The groom places a wedding ring on his bride's finger, helped by the best man with the rings. The best man hands the bride her groom's wedding ring during the marriage ceremony at Stoke Place Slough.

What’s that? “I now pronounce you man and wife?” Laura and Karl mark the announcement in the time-honoured way of their first kiss. Awwww.

The bride and groom kiss after being announced man and wife at Stoke Place Slough while their guests applaud. Newlyweds Laura and Karl leave Stoke Place Slough after their marriage ceremony. Newlyweds Laura and Karl leave Stoke Place Slough in a whirl of confetti after their wedding in the Buckinghamshire Queen Anne mansion.

All the smarts – guys in their Fogarty Formal Hire suits and bridesmaids in theirs from Oasis.

Bridesmaids in blue pleated dresses and groomsmen in bow ties pose for group wedding photos at Stoke Place Slough.

Amazing how clever those magicians can be, eh Karl.

A magician amazes the groom with his sleight of hand at Stoke Place Slough.

Laura and Karl’s wedding had a lot of sweet details and room decor such as this welcome board for guests, a camera/guest book. sweets table and candle to light for loved ones who were no longer with them.

Wedding decor and decoration at Stoke Place Slough for the marriage of Laura and Karl. White summer floral arrangements by Buckinghamshire florist Rebecca Marsala at Stoke Place Slough.



Stoke Place has a beautiful walled garden – just the place for wedding portraits, especially if there’s a bit of a breeze. Add in water and enormous mature trees and it’s pretty much the dream place for couple photos.

Bride and groom Laura and Karl pose for portraits in the walled garden in Buckinghamshire wedding venue Stoke Place Slough.

Laura and Karl’s tasty cake was by Karen Anna.

Laura and Karl’s wedding speeches had the traditional father of the bride, groom and best man speeches. Smiles, laughs and the occasional emotional tear – well done guys!

There was some serious competition for the bouquet toss – and we have a winner!

Soft lights and smooth music? Must be time for Laura and Karl’s first dance.

Now the party starts!