I can’t WAIT to share with you photos of the groom getting ready at The Great Tythe Barn Tetbury. I was second shooting for another photographer, so part of my job was photos of Simon on his wedding morning.

We started with details – the wedding rings, a calendar marked with their wedding date and a stunning pocket watch from Simon’s bride Gemma so he would be on time for their ceremony.

Groom getting ready shots on the morning of his wedding. Includes the date on the calendar, wedding rings and a fob watch wedding gift from his bride.

Once I’d captured these wedding details, the chaps got their three-piece tweed suits on, double cuffs and all.

Groom getting ready on his wedding morning with the help of his best man and groomsmen. They're all wearing tweed for a country wedding at Great Tythe Barn Tetbury.

Good to know the wedding rings are safe!

A groom and groomsmen getting ready on a wedding morning. Includes photos of the wedding rings and a gold tie pin.

Simon and his guys were pretty relaxed for their portraits! They look jolly smart too.

Black and white photo of the groom and groomsmen on the wedding morning, hands in pockets. They're wearing tweed suits and standing on a country lane near the Great Tythe Barn Tetbury in Gloucestershire.

A rustic wooden gate is always a great place to lean for lifestyle portraits of the groom about town, including his brand new fob watch.

A groom wearing a tweed suit leans on a rustic wooden gate near Great Tythe Barn on the morning of his wedding.

Black and white photos of the groom on the wedding morning at Great Tythe Barn in Gloucestershire in front of a wooden gate in the countryside.

Here are all the best guys together, ready for Simon’s wedding day at the Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury.

Tythe Barn Tetbury weddings - groom and groomsmen photo on the wedding morning. Photo by photographer Natalie Chiverton, who was a second shooter, allow photos to be taken of the groom getting ready while the main photographer captures the bride.

A groom and two best men pose for wedding photos at Tetbury wedding venue The Old Tythe Barn Tetbury.